Alle springkastelen die worden verhuurd, dienen in de HUIDIGE STAAT en PROPER weer teruggebracht te worden.
Party Clouds behoudt zich het recht om reparatiekosten, schade en schoonmaakkosten aan te rekenen aan de huurder.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a reservation?

You can easily make a reservation via the website on the page of the bouncy castle you wish to reserve. Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.
How is payment made?
You pay for your bouncy castle in full when you make your reservation. The deposit must be paid when you pick up your bouncy castle. The deposit per bouncy castle is 100 euros.
When must the deposit be paid and how?
We always ask for a deposit of 100 euros per bouncing castle upon collection, regardless of the rental period and the rental price. You can pay this in cash on site or via Payconiq. You can also transfer the deposit at least 4 days in advance. We will not hand over our bouncy castles without payment of the deposit.

We aim to refund the deposit within 14 days of returning your bouncy castle after checking the rented equipment. We will let you know by email when the amount has been refunded.

How much space do I need to set up a bouncy castle?

The space required depends on the specific model you choose. Our smallest bouncy castles can easily be placed indoors. Provide at least 1 meter around the bouncy castle and 2 meters at the back for the air hose and blower. The exact dimensions of each bouncy castle can be found on the product page.

Are the bouncy castles clean and safe?

Yes, we ensure that all our bouncy castles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use. Safety is our top priority, which is why all our units are regularly inspected and meet the highest safety standards.

Which surface is suitable for setting up a bouncy castle?
Our bouncy castles require an even surface for setup. Preferably place the bouncy castle on grass or a soft surface. If this is not possible, please let us know in advance. In case of a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt, you should always lay down a groundsheet first.

Please note: when placing on a hard surface, it is your responsibility to control kids because the bouncy castle cannot be anchored safely in the ground.

What is the "nice weather guarantee" and how does it work?

Our nice weather guarantee ensures that you can cancel your bouncy castle for free if bad weather is approaching. If between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM on the day of rental there is a forecast of more than 30% chance of rain for at least 3 hours at the location stated on the order confirmation, you can cancel your reservation free of charge. You must confirm the cancellation by telephone with Party Clouds and then confirm by email with a print screen of the weather forecast on For example, if you pick up your bouncy castle on Friday, you must cancel by Monday evening at 11:59 PM by sending an email with a print screen of the weather forecast.
Yes, we ensure that all our bouncy castles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use. Safety is our top priority, which is why all our units are regularly inspected and meet the highest safety standards.

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

Yes, you can change or cancel your reservation up to a certain time before the scheduled pick-up date. Cancellation must always be made via e-mail and confirmed by Party Clouds. 

- Free cancellation 14 days before collection time 
- 50 % of the rental price to be paid in case of cancellation between day 14 and the 2nd day before rental 
- 100% of the rental price to be paid in case of cancellation the day before collection or the day of collection or without notice
Do I need special transport to transport the bouncy castle?
A normal family car is usually sufficient for transporting our bouncy castles. Each castle is easy to move with 2 people. If necessary, we can provide a hand truck. Provide a passage of at least 1.5 meters wide to move the bouncy castle to the desired location.
When can I pick up and return my rented bouncy castle?
Als je een springkasteel huurt voor het weekend dan huur je het springkasteel voor 48 uur en kan je het op vrijdag tussen 15:00 en 18:00 uur of op zaterdagochtend tussen 9:00 en 12:00 uur ophalen. Je brengt het springkasteel ongeveer 48 uur na ophaling weer terug.

Als je een springkasteel huurt voor 1 dag, dan huur je het springkasteel voor 24 uur. Je kan het springkasteel ophalen de avond voor huur tussen 15:00 en 18:00. In dat geval dien je het springkasteel weer terug te brengen ongeveer 24 uur na ophaling. Of je komt het springkasteel de dag van huur ophalen tussen 9:00 en 12:00. Ook dan breng je het springkasteel ongeveer 24 uur na ophaling weer terug.

Bij het ophalen betaal je een waarborg van 100 euro, die kan worden voldaan via overschrijving minstens 4 dagen van tevoren, contant of via Payconiq. De waarborg wordt uiterlijk 14 dagen na de huurperiode teruggestort, na controle.
How do I set up my rented bouncy castle?
Setting up a bouncy castle is easy. Follow the instructions on your contract or the instruction videos on the home page. Provide 1 meter of free space around the castle and at least 2 meters at the back for the air hose and the blower. Anchor the castle with at least 4 pegs and use sandbags for extra stability. Close the zippers and velcro strips, attach the blower and turn it on. Now you are ready to jump!
How do I store my bouncy castle after use?
Turn off the blower and disconnect it from the air pipe. Open the velcro strips and zippers on both sides of the castle and let all the air out. Fold the castle neatly and roll it up, together with the groundsheet. Store the castle in the included bag and store the pins and sandbags.
What to do when it rains?
The blower and the bouncy castle can certainly withstand a splash of rain. 

Please note: the blower should never be covered under any circumstances. 

However, if a heavy thunderstorm occurs, it is wise to unplug the blower and allow the castle to drain. We would really appreciate it if you fold the bouncy castle in half once so that the bottom gets wet and not the bouncy castle from the inside. If possible, temporarily store the bouncy castle in a dry area. As soon as the rain stops, the blower can be reconnected so that the bouncy castle can dry and prevent too much rainwater from entering. In strong winds it is also best to lower the bouncy castle by unplugging the blower, for safety reasons.
What safety regulations do I need to follow when renting a bouncy castle?
It is prohibited to:
- enter the bouncy castle with shoes, jewelry or other pointed objects;
- consume food, drink or chewing gum in the castle;
- to climb the outer walls and climb on the walls;
- to inflate or deflate the bouncy castle when there are people present;
- to jump on the front part, this only serves as a stepping stone;
- to play with sand or mud in the castle;
- cover the blower(s);

- in stormy weather, heavy rain, wind or thunder and lightning, everyone must leave the bouncy castle, and the plug of the blower must be pulled out.
- the use of the bouncy castle is only permitted under the supervision of an adult at all times, we are not liable for any physical injuries or damage.