Rental regulations – Risk analysis

Art. 1

The use of bouncy castles is intended for children and must be PERMANENTLY supervised by an adult.

Art. 2

Party Clouds cannot be held liable for any accidents during use.

Art. 3

It is the supervising adult (art. 1) who is responsible for evacuating the children and turning off the bouncy castle and unplugging the blower if the wind suddenly picks up (MAX. 5 Beaufort -38 km/h) or in case of heavy storm. (We would appreciate it if you fold the bouncy castle in half once so that the bottom gets wet and not the bouncy castle from the inside.)

Art. 4

The following measures must be taken by the tenant for overnight storage:

allow any rainwater to drain before deflating the castle,

fold the towers and walls inwards, fold the bouncy castle into two folds and throw the supplied tarpaulin over it. The blowers and extension cords should be placed indoors, out of the reach of children.

Art. 5

It is mandatory to provide a free space of 1m around the bouncy castle during use and 2m at the back for the air pipe and blower.

Art. 6

In the event of a power failure or loss of pressure, the castle must be evacuated immediately. One must wait until the blower has come to a complete stop before restarting it.

Art. 7

It is forbidden to:

  • enter the bouncy castle with shoes, jewelry or other pointed objects;
  • to consume food, drinks or chewing gum in the castle;
  • to climb the outer walls;
  • to inflate or deflate the bouncy castle when people are on it;
  • to jump on the front part of the castle, this only serves as a stepping stone;
  • play with sand or mud in the castle;
  • cover the blower(s);


Operation & General terms and conditions


Reservations can be made via the website. A reservation is only final when it has been paid in full. The confirmation will be done via e-mail with practical information.


In bad weather, if more than 30% chance of rain is predicted for at least 3 hours between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM on the day of rental at the location stated on the order confirmation, the reservation can be canceled until 8:00 AM the morning of the day on which delivery was scheduled. For this kind of cancellation, an administration fee of 10% is charged.

For all other cases of cancellation between the day of order and the 2nd day before rental, a cost of 50% of the total rental amount will be charged to the tenant. In case of cancellation the day before collection or the day of collection, or without notice, 100% of the total rental amount will be charged to the tenant.

Party Clouds reserves the right to cancel the reservation at any time. This can be done, for example, in bad weather or a forecast of thunder.

Cancellations by Party Clouds can under no circumstances give rise to compensation from the tenant.


All our prices include VAT (21%). If you would like an invoice, please request this immediately when booking.

Payment must be made when ordering via the website. The deposit must be paid upon collection.

We can prepare an invoice for our business customers. The tenant undertakes to pay the invoice within 14 days of the invoice date.

In the event of non-payment of the invoice on the due date, a notice of default will be sent and a late payment interest of 5% per month will be charged.


There must be a minimum passage of 1.5 meters (the width of a normal front door is not always sufficient).

Party Clouds is not responsible for any damage (stairs, walls, door, furniture, etc.) if there is no or insufficient free passage during installation.

A bouncy castle weighs 50 to 70kg and must therefore be transported with at least 2 people.

There must be a 220V socket (minimum 16A) within 50m of the place where the bouncy castle is to be set up.

The surface must be flat and free of sharp or pointed objects.

In sand or fallow soil, the blower should be placed on a cardboard to prevent it from sucking in sand.


If it starts to rain lightly, leave the bouncy castle inflated.

In case of heavy wind or thunderstorms: allow any rainwater to drain, deflate the castle, fold the towers and walls inward, fold the bouncy castle into two folds and throw the supplied tarpaulin over it. Keep blowers and extension cords out of the rain.


At the time of collection, the tenant signs the rental agreement and the rental regulations. The tenant hereby automatically declares that he or she agrees to the rental and usage conditions.

Upon collection, all equipment (bouncy castles, equipment, etc.) will be checked for damage together with the tenant.

Damage that occurs afterwards, during the entire rental period, must be reported as soon as possible and is the responsibility of the tenant.
The tenant must use the bouncy castle "with due diligence."

In the event of damage, all repair costs incurred by Party Clouds will be charged to the tenant.

Repairs are always carried out by a company chosen by Party Clouds, the tenant has no say in this.

In the event of theft and/or loss, the tenant must reimburse both the agreed rental price and the new value of the rented property.