Alle springkastelen die worden verhuurd, dienen in de HUIDIGE STAAT en PROPER weer teruggebracht te worden.
Party Clouds behoudt zich het recht om reparatiekosten, schade en schoonmaakkosten aan te rekenen aan de huurder.
Unicorn Fantasy
Unicorn Fantasy
Unicorn Fantasy
Unicorn Fantasy

Unicorn Fantasy

(incl. VAT) per day
  • 25% discount: for 2 days or more

  • Delivery from 3 bouncing castles

  • Return: no later than 1 day after rental

Are you ordering a bouncy castle from us? Let's get the party started! Have you carefully read the information and instructions on this page first? Do you have any questions? Visit our FAQ or send us an email or Whatsapp message.

White bouncy castles are the trend! Nothing adds more style to your event or party than a beautiful white bouncy castle with a gold accent.

After each rental, every bouncy castle is thoroughly cleaned and checked. We pay extra attention to our white bouncy castles. Can you help keeping them clean?

Unicorn Fantasy is a white bouncy castle with a unicorn head, 1 obstacle inside and a fun slide. It is a cozy bouncy castle, ideal for communions and is covered. Unicorn Fantasy is especially suitable for children from 4 years old.

What is included with this bouncy castle?

- Groundsheet incl. 1m strap 
- Set of 4 air cushion anchoring pins
- Set of 4 groundsheet anchoring pins
- Blower 1100 watts

Necessities :

- Space to be provided in cm (lxwxh): 700x600x380
- Passage to location: the narrowest point of passage for transportation of the bouncy castle should be 150 cm.
- 220V socket (minimum 16A) near the location where the bouncy castle should be set up
- 1m of free space around the bouncy castle, 2m at the back for the air hose and blower
- Standard family car with free trunk
- Extension cable (provide an extension cable that is long enough - can be rented from us against payment)
- Possibly a hand truck for transport (can be rented from us against payment)
- At least 2 people to transport/move the bouncy castle to the location.

Specifications :

Weight: 75kg
Item dimensions in cm (lxwxh): 400x400x350
Transport dimensions in cm (lxwxh): Package of 60x80x130 + blower, 8 pins and groundsheet
Electric: 220V
Electric: 1x1100w
Max. number of children: 6
Indoor or outdoor use? Inside and outside

Nice weather guarantee :

Don't let rainfall spoil the fun, our bouncy castles can certainly withstand some rain. Rain showers often don't last long. When it rains, it is best not to jump on our bouncy castles (even though children can really enjoy this), so that they do not slip on the wet bouncy castle. When the shower is over, take a few towels to dry the castle. It will then be dry within 2 minutes and ready to be jumped on again.

However, if very bad weather is coming, you can make use of our good weather guarantee.

You can cancel your bouncy castle more than 3 days before collection (or delivery by us) if there is a forecast of more than 30% chance of rain for at least 3 hours between 10am and 6pm of the rental day (at the location stated on the order confirmation). An administrative fee of 10% of the order will be charged for this type of cancellation. The cancellation must be answered by telephone by Party Clouds and confirmed by you by email with a 'print screen' of the weather forecast on So if you come to pick up your bouncy castle on Friday, you cancel at the latest on Monday evening at 11:59 PM by sending us an email with a 'print screen' of the weather forecast.

For all other cancellations, 50% of the rental price will be charged and 100% if canceled the day before rental or the day of rental.

What to do in case of heavy rain or thunder during your event?

Please note: the blower should never be covered under any circumstances.

However, if a heavy thunderstorm occurs, it is wise to unplug the blower and allow the castle to deflate. We would very much appreciate it if you fold the bouncy castle in half so that the bottom gets wet and not the bouncy castle from the inside. If possible, temporarily store the bouncy castle and blower in a dry area. As soon as the rain stops, the blower can be reconnected so that the bouncy castle can dry and not too much rainwater can go inside the castle. In case of strong wind, it is also best to lower the deflate the castle by unplugging the blower, for safety reasons.

Collecting your bouncy castle

  • Rent on Saturday and Sunday: you can collect your bouncy castle on Friday between 8am and 6pm or on Saturday morning between 9am and 12pm. You return the bouncy castle on Monday between 8 am and 6 pm.
  • Deposit: when you pick up your bouncy castle you pay a 100 euro deposit. This can be paid by transfer at least 4 days in advance, with cash or via Payconiq. The deposit will be refunded no later than 14 days after the rental, after inspection.
  • Transport: provide a sufficiently large car. Our bouncy castles can normally fit in the trunk of a regular family car. Each bouncy castle is easy to move with 2 people. We can provide a hand truck if necessary. Provide at least a passageway of 1.5m wide to move the bouncy castle to its location.
  • Placement: Placing a bouncy castle is very simple. Follow the instructions and the instructional video at the bottom of this page. Do you have any questions afterwards? View our FAQ or contact us by email or Whatsapp.

Setting up your bouncy castle

Provide 1 meter of free space around the bouncy castle and at least 2 meters at the back for the air hose and blower.
1. Unroll the groundsheet and anchor it in the ground with at least 4 pins . 
2. Then unroll the bouncy castle before unfolding it. 
3. Anchor the bouncy castle with at least 4 pins and use sandbags for extra security.
4. Close the zippers on both sides of the bouncy castle as well as the velcro strips.
5. Attach the blower to the pipe at the back of the castle using a tension strap.
6. Turn on the blower.
7. Jump for joy!

Storing your bouncy castle

You will receive the bouncy castle clean.
We expect it back clean. If the bouncy castle is wet before folding,
this is not a problem.
1. Turn off the blower and disconnect it from the air pipe.
2. Put the velcro strips and zippers on both sides open. 
3. Hold the pipe at the back open to remove all air. 
4. Fold one side towards the center of the bouncy castle,
then fold the other side over it. 
5. Then neatly roll up the bouncy castle and the groundsheet. 
6. Place the bouncy castle in the bag provided and store the
pins and sandbags.